Navigating Innovation and Growth in Oil & Gas Tech: The Journey of Shrivan Kamdar

In this episode of "What the Funk," we delve into the fascinating career of Shrivan Kamdar, a key figure in the oil and gas technology sector. From his early days at ExxonMobil to his influential role at Seven Lakes Technologies and the subsequent acquisition by W Energy Software, Shon shares insights into the evolution of tech in the oil and gas industry, the challenges of integrating cultures and technologies post-acquisition, and the importance of innovation and adaptability in driving the industry forward.

Key Points Discussed:
  • Shrivan's transition from ExxonMobil to Seven Lakes Technologies: Discover why Shrivan made the leap from a global oil giant to a startup focused on disrupting oil and gas tech with innovative solutions.
  • The acquisition of Seven Lakes by W Energy Software: Shrivan provides an inside look at the acquisition process, the strategic fit between the two companies, and the challenges and opportunities that arose from integrating their technologies and cultures.
  • Innovations in field services management (FSM): Learn about the cutting-edge FSM solution developed under Shrivan's leadership, which leverages drones and sensors for real-time task dispatching, enhancing operational efficiency and safety in the field.
  • The importance of embracing challenges and innovation: Shrivan reflects on his career journey, emphasizing the value of taking risks, pursuing what you're passionate about, and the role of constructive conflict in fostering growth and innovation.
  • Personal insights and motivations: Shrivan shares what drives him both professionally and personally, including his commitment to spiritual growth, his involvement in charitable work, and the lessons he's learned about appreciating the opportunities life has offered him.
Join us as Shrivan Kamdar shares his journey through the oil and gas tech landscape, offering valuable lessons on innovation, resilience, and the power of a positive mindset in navigating the complexities of the industry.

Navigating Innovation and Growth in Oil & Gas Tech: The Journey of Shrivan Kamdar
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