Andrew Rosen's Journey Through Media, Management, and Making a Difference

In this engaging episode, we sit down with Andrew Rosen, a seasoned professional in the fields of sales, marketing, and advertising, who shares his journey from college friendships to navigating the complexities of middle management and finding fulfillment in his career.

This episode dives into:
  • Andrew Rosen's Background: From his early days at Brandeis University to his current role at Nextdoor, Andrew takes us through his personal and professional evolution, highlighting the significance of relationships and adaptability in his journey.
  • The Transition from College to Career: Andrew discusses the challenges and learning experiences he faced as he transitioned from a college student to a professional in the competitive landscape of New York City's media and advertising industry.
  • Insights on Middle Management: Delving into the often overlooked aspects of middle management, Andrew shares his perspectives and theories on what makes an effective middle manager and how to navigate the challenges that come with the role.
  • The Role of Nextdoor in Community Building: At Nextdoor, Andrew finds a platform that aligns with his values of fostering community and connection, underscoring the importance of meaningful work in achieving professional satisfaction.
  • Personal Growth and Professional Development: Reflecting on the importance of mentorship, self-awareness, and continuous learning, Andrew emphasizes how understanding one's values and seeking out mentors can significantly impact career trajectory and personal fulfillment.
  • The Impact of Technology on Work Efficiency: Andrew touches on the potential of AI and Gen AI to transform workplace productivity, offering insights into how technology can enable professionals to work smarter, not harder.

Andrew Rosen's Journey Through Media, Management, and Making a Difference
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